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NoteDC is a free online notepad in your web browser. With NoteDC you can create notes (ideas, to-do list, links, or any other plain text) that you would like to write just in a web browser online. This simple online notepad has AutoSave feature and allows you to restore your text “as a draft” even if you have closed your web browser/window or browser tab (if it is technologically possible and is supported by a web browser). Therefore, you can easily return to your text notes anytime. Your text (draft) is stored in your web browser only (on your device only) and is not available to anyone. But if you want to send your text note to your friend or to another device, you can create a Temporary link to sync your text. In addition, this online notepad works like a “multi-page” notepad and allows you to manage drafts (notes). All created notes (drafts) are named “by date” and “time”, to easily identify your note.

Note: NoteDC is not a replacement for your real paper notepad and can not be used as a service of backup of text.